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This is my fic journal. So far, it contains only the NC-17-rated version of my current WIP, More Than Friends And Brothers, but I will eventually post all of my adult fics here -- as soon as I can get them formatted to fit the journal's character limits/post. Which will take quite a while, I'm afraid ... I do have one of these things called "LifeĀ®" off the intarwebz, after all. :-) Shocking, I know, but there you go.

As for my PG-/R-rated fics ... I don't know yet. But there's a chance that, time permitting, they'll end up here as well (in lieu of a "proper" homepage; I simply don't know enough html to set one up).

Have fun reading, and feel free to discuss my writing and/or leave other feedback; the box is right over there, next to the exit. :-)
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